Great West strives to provide the best claims service and products to the trucking industry. Our team of workers compensation professionals will deliver unparalleled claims management and customer service with passion, professionalism, and pride. Claims can be submitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our claims reporting number 800.228.8040.

To help better manage expenses, our adjusters utilize many cost-saving techniques while maintaining close communication with all parties. In most cases, an injured worker is contacted within 24 hours after an incident is reported. From there, we make regular calls to the employer, the employee, and the physician to assure effective and efficient medical and disability management. In addition, Great West has a medical advisor on staff to review catastrophic losses and to be available for impromptu adjuster consultations.

Here are some additional services available to our workers compensation insureds:

  • Prompt and comprehensive investigations to ensure appropriate and sound compensability decisions, timely extension of benefits, and reduction of litigated claims

  • Workers’ compensation claims and disability management that is proactive, outcome-focused, result oriented, and conducted in an empathetic and professional manner

  • Use of evidence-based resources (ODG – Official Disability Guidelines) to facilitate the process of returning injured employees to work in a timely and safe manner and to ensure proper treatment guidelines are utilized

  • Medical bill review and utilization of mosaic multi-PPO network used for cost containment; 100% of savings passed on to insureds

  • Total pharmacy management utilizing a network of nearly 55,000 pharmacies to provide convenient, cost effective, and timely pharmaceutical solutions

  • Assistance with light and transitional return to work program alternatives

  • Low adjuster caseloads promote proactive adjusting and superior customer service