Owner-Operator standing in front of semi truck

As an owner operator, ensuring you have adequate commercial truck insurance is a big responsibility. You have a business to run – securing loads, managing expenses, and more, not to mention hauling freight each day as a motor carrier operator.

As a business owner, you have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best commercial truck insurance coverage. Depending on how you operate, you may need special products and services to protect you.

Your trucking insurance agent should ask these questions to help determine the types of coverages you need for your operation:

  • Do you own or lease your tractors?
  • Do you have employees who drive for you? Or are you a solo operator?
  • Do you have an office building or shop?
  • Are you under permanent lease to a motor carrier? Or do you work under your own authority?
  • What type of freight do you haul?
  • What routes do you regularly travel?

It is crucial for owner-operators like you to select the best coverages needed for your specific operations. Whether you are an owner operator under someone else’s authority or work under your owner operator authority, Great West and its representative agencies will help you create a customized insurance package or program for your trucking company.

Great West Casualty Company has provided commercial truck insurance for more than 65 years. With our experience and understanding of commercial truck insurance for owner operators, we have designed our coverages for trucking companies just like yours.

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