Owner-operators and contract drivers who qualify as independent contractors are not typically covered by state workers' compensation laws. Occupational Accident (OCC/ACC) coverage, underwritten by Old Republic Life Insurance Company, covers an independent contractor for an injury sustained while performing the duties of the lease with the motor carrier as a driver of a truck dispatched by the motor carrier. OCC/ACC can provide benefits for accidental death, dismemberment, and paralysis; accident disability; and accident-related medical expenses. The program is not available in all states and is available only to U.S. citizens.

Please Note: OUR OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENT POLICY IS NOT A POLICY OF WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INSURANCE. This policy is not in place of, and does not affect, any requirements for coverage under any workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, disability benefits law, or any similar state or federal law.

We focus on companies with the following driver qualifications:

  • Minimum age 23

  • Current CDL in the driver’s home state

  • Minimum of two years' experience in the operation of tractor/trailer equipment

  • No DUls in the last six years

  • No license suspensions in the last three years

  • No more than four moving violations in the past 38 months, and no more than two in the previous 12 months

  • No more than one preventable accident in the last three years

  • No felony convictions

Contingent Casualty
In addition to OCC/ACC coverage, a Contingent Casualty policy is available to protect the motor carrier in the event an insured person is declared a statutory employee of the motor carrier by a workers’ compensation board, governmental agency, or a court of competent jurisdiction. This product is offered through Old Republic Union (ORU) as a surplus line product.

This summary is intended for informational purposes only and does not replace or modify the definitions or information contained in any insurance policy or declaration page, which controls all coverage determinations. Terms and conditions may vary by state, and exclusions may apply.