Here at Great West Casualty Company, we value the health and well-being of our employees and their families. As such, we promote healthy living through a variety of benefit programs.


Health Benefit Programs

Great West offers two medical plans. Eligible employees may elect to enroll in a Traditional PPO Plan or a High Deductible Health Care Plan. Both programs provide prescription drug benefits.

Eligible employees may choose to enroll in our dental plan and vision plan. Those enrolled in the vision plan also receive discounts on hearing aids.

Subsidization of fitness club memberships for eligible employees and their spouses who visit the fitness club a minimum of 24 times in a 90-day cycle.

Daily stretching activities to promote ergonomic wellness. 

We provide a smoke-free and tobacco-free workplace and grounds. Employees and dependents insured by the health insurance plan are eligible for smoking cessation assistance.

Employees and their families have 24-hour unlimited access to consultants by telephone, to resources and tools online, and up to three face-to-face visits with counselors for help with short-term problems at work or home.