It is important that we set our employees up for financial success, which is why we offer a variety of investment, savings, and bonus programs.


Available Financial Benefit Programs

Employees are immediately eligible to contribute between 1 and 100 percent of their gross earnings on a pre-tax basis, up to annual IRS limits, after which contributions will be on a post-tax basis. The first 6 percent of the employee‘s plan-year contribution will be eligible to share in any employer match for that year. Rights to any employer contributions begin vesting 20 percent after two years and 20 percent per year thereafter with full (100 percent) vesting in six years. This plan does accept qualified rollovers from other sources.

Employees become participants in this plan immediately on employment. The plan provides for employer discretionary contributions and qualified rollovers from other sources. It does not accept any ongoing employee contributions. Rights to the employer contribution begin vesting 20 percent after two years and 20 percent per year thereafter with full (100 percent) vesting in six years. 


Annual bonuses may be awarded, based on pools developed according to historical profits. Employees who have a hire date of June 30th or earlier of the previous year may be eligible for the bonus award, if administered.


Great West offers tax-advantaged, or pre-tax accounts that can help lower taxable income. Eligible employees may choose to contribute pre-tax money through payroll deductions for accounts such as a Health Savings Account (HSA) and a Health or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in our Basic Life insurance plan. They may also select additional coverage through our other life insurance plans for themselves, a spouse, or dependent children.

Great West offers a Long-Term Disability benefit option to eligible employees.

Employees have free access to the Dave Ramsey program to help them reach their financial goals.

Employees have access to various discount programs available through business partners.


The children and legal dependents of full-time employees who have been employed for a minimum of one year may apply for one of four $1,000 scholarships.