Corporate Values

The character of our company is demonstrated by the daily actions of our employees and agents. We uphold these six values as the foundation of our success:

Celebration: We have enthusiasm for work and life which leads to positive working relationships with all of our business partners, both internal and external. We celebrate team successes and achievements as we work together to run an efficient, effective, and enjoyable work environment.

Empowerment: We are personally committed to achieving the highest standards of success. We take ownership of the quality and quantity of work completed, and we utilize intentional decision making to identify and solve problems.

Integrity: We partner honestly and fairly with insureds, agents, and employees. We believe we have a responsibility and commitment to follow through on our promises. We will never compromise on our ethical code of conduct.

Opportunity: We challenge ourselves to seek out feedback for the purpose of improving work performance. We keep an open mind to new ideas and suggestions in order to enhance performance. Through continual skills and knowledge-based learning, we develop and leverage our strengths to the benefit of all. 

Respect: We respect the dignity of each individual and treat all people with thoughtful consideration and equity. All conversations, decisions, and actions will be done ethically and with open communication to ensure proper perspective. 

Service: We are servant leaders who exist to help others. Through this service, profit and growth are never compromised.  As such, we focus on identifying agent and insured needs and promise to respond in a timely and effective manner.  We strive to exceed the expected value to all that we interact with whenever possible.

As a member of the Old Republic family of insurance companies, Great West values are in harmony with its Code of Ethics, to which we adhere completely.