Corporate Values

The character of our company is demonstrated by the daily actions of our employees and agents. We hold these nine values as keys to our success:

  • Integrity and Trust -- We deal honestly, fairly, and openly with insureds, associates, and employees. We believe in developing trust and honor as the cornerstones of our business relations.

  • Ethics -- We pledge to respect the dignity of each individual and treat all people affected by our actions and decisions with fairness and honesty. Our obligation to operate within the law at all times is just the beginning of our ethical approach. We will not pursue any business opportunity that violates the law, that diminishes our integrity, or that compromises our ethical conduct.

  • Service -- Our organization exists to serve others. If we do not serve, we have no reason for being. Service opportunities are continually identified, developed, and implemented.

  • Excellence -- We believe in doing things right and doing them well. We have high standards for performance, and we believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

  • Teamwork -- We recognize that when we work together, we are more effective, efficient, and fulfilled. We believe teamwork requires sacrifice and caring for each other.

  • Fun and Enjoyment -- We believe that hard work is enjoyable and fulfilling when it challenges our talents and is accomplished in a supportive climate.

  • Resourcefulness -- We value the ability and willingness to identify and solve problems. We believe in being aggressive, in improvising, and in individual ingenuity.

  • Security -- We want everyone to feel secure in their business relationships with us. We encourage long-term relationships.

  • Courage -- We value the strength and courage to live our corporate values in our daily lives: strength and courage to be different, to pursue our objectives, and to challenge each other.

Great West is a member of the Old Republic family of insurance companies, and our values are in harmony with its Code of Ethics, to which we adhere completely.